Highschool Confidential

1. Denby uses several rhetorical strategies when describing the blonde villain in the first paragraph. He uses metaphor to describe her physical beauty. He also uses hyperbole to give the attributes of the “popular girls” face. Much of the paragraph uses imagery as well when describing the girl in general.

2. Denby describes more of a males mental attributes rather than describing his physical attributes. He describes his state of mind and his feeling of fun aka pranks. While in the first paragraph he describes of the woman’s physical characteristics along with how she treats other people.

3.I detected a change of tone in Denby’s article around the third paragraph when he began to transition from talking about the villains to talking more about the hero and heroin. He uses a more positive style of speaking when talking about these characters.

4. He uses this to emphasize on a transition in the article from the plot to the characters.

5. These questions are answered by giving a cross examination of the issue. Denby first explains how these issues occur in the movies and then explain how they are either very far fetched or could possibly occur in a real high school.

6. Denby uses many films and other film writers to support his explinations. He gives examples form those movies to show how they are different and the same, and which are more credible than others.

7. His central argument is that these movies are made for emotional satisfaction, his secondary argument is that these movies are not much like the real lives of high school students. He brings them together by describing how they are very much the same.

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9. He uses this to explain how normally it is the outsider or “nerd” who may have a rough time in their childhood, but normally is the one who succeeds the most in life and future.

10. He explains that as I had said earlier geeks are normally the ones that excel the most later on in life and come back to their reunions with the most success and credibility.

11. They bolster his argument because these teen movies are much more out there than the pervious examples that he had talked about. They are more far fetched and give a different aspect to the teen movie genre that had previously been explained.

12. The audience would most likely be teenages, parents, and people who are interested in the teenage movie scene. He consideres the audience by appealing to the audience by giving examples that they can relate to and using diction that they can comprehend.

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